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12mm (1/2 inch)

Everything that we have in 12mm...we find this a wonderful intermediate size...It lends itself to being used either whole or nipped down into smaller elements. The Winckelmans is the same heritage porcelain as their famous 20mm and very well suited for classic and romanesque mosaics with the added ease and flexibility of the smaller size. It is also 4mm thick so combine without any issue with the standard 20mm collection. Porcelain is very tough and that makes it harder to cut therefore it is best to invest in a wheeled porcelain nipper if the projects undertaken require a lot of nipping. Opus Byzantine is the same product as Opus Romano by Bisazza a sintered glass product made in a 100% green process using powdered recycled window glass and pigments. Cutting these is a dream...the proverbial hot knife through butter....

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