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23x50mm Winckelmans Briquettes

Chic and modern yet understated. Winckelmans Briquettes balance traditional quality and beauty with contemporary form and appeal. each sheet is 31x31cm (10 sheets = 1 M2) and the briquettes are lined up in a grid of 6 x 12 tiles). Each individual briquette is 2,3 x 5cm with a 3mm grout space and they are 6mm thick (the same thickness as the 5x5cm). Used individually to create lines or by the sheet for a modern twist. *Heritage French porcelain *Rectangle tiles in straight grid alignment *Each tile is 23 x 50mm *6mm thick *Each sheet is 31 x 31cm *10 sheets = 1 m2 *UVA and frost resistant *Extremely durable and hardwearing *Non slip, matte finish *Can be easily combine with 5x5cm tiles *Cut using Rubi porcelain nippers N.B These tiles are best grouted in a matching colour or sealed before grouting to prevent staining. *We wrap and package orders carefully to avoid damage and breakage but due to the nature of glass, ceramic and porcelain damage may occur in shipping. All tiles and accessories are shipped at your own risk. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS SHIPPED AT YOUR OWN RISK

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