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We are thrilled to announce that our new China warehouse is open. We have a spreadsheet with what is available for order and the prices. Look under the blog post "China" to view the current product spreadsheet.

Brexit news: Here are the current rates for boxes to the UK by UPS

up to 20 kilos with track and trace 30 euros

21-30 kg with T&T 40 euros

After 30kg each box of up to 30kg is 28 other words 60kg is 2 x 28 euros ...90kg is 3 x 28 euros.. so the more you buy the better it is! 

There is a 15 euro surcharge per BOX for Northern Ireland
so if it is 1 box it is 15 euro more
if it is 2 boxes it is 30 euro more etc etc.
This includes all export documentation. Please note that the buyer is responsible for all duties, taxes and import handling fees.

The showroom is now closed to all visitors and customers. There will be no pick ups until after Feb 09th, 2021.

Due to the second wave of the Corona Virus in Europe, USA, UK, Australia and many international destinations we are sorry to say that Fedex is no longer offering Economy rates at this time to any country. Once again there is only Express. This means that the rate quoted on our website is NOT accurate and you will be charged extra shipping. I am very sorry about this but it is out of our control. In addition Fedex is adding a 50cent HOLIDAY SURCHARGE between 1st November - 26th January. We will absorb 25cents of the the increase..I am sorry about this but Fedex is our only reliable carrier at this time for International shipments.