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Glues, Primers, Silicon

  1. Hobby and small projects: There are many glues on the market please use this as a guide, personal preferences and experiences may vary: a) Easy, safe and inexpensive for indoors on porous surfaces: PVA Glue (both Mosaic Glue and Tacky Glue by Collall are PVAs as are most wood glues) they dry transparent and flexible. b) For outdoor small projects use a chemical bonder that will work on all surfaces Olba and Silicon are both gel type glues with reduced slippage (good for 3D projects) while Universal Glue is thinner and dries more quickly so is better for smaller and intricate projects. These glues have volatile components and should only be used in well ventilated areas by adults. c) Strass Glue, Mac Glue and A+here are all acrylic chain glues that are new on the market and have a number of distinct advantages. Fluid and multipurpose they allow both larger and smaller pieces of virtually every material to be stuck together, Quick setting and lightweight they are perfect for glass on glass work as well as for general mosaic. The ease of use and transparency reduces clean up time and there is no unpleasant smell. We believe that these adhesives are the future as they are actually more economical as a little goes a very long way. We cannot recommend them highly enough. 
  2. Polyurethane and Silicon Glue: Parabond Transparent or White 600 are our NUMBER 1 glue choices for all larger hobby and small installation projects both inside and outside. Extremely strong and flexible choose this when in doubt if your project is smaller than 5m2. It is good for glass on glass, glass on metal and mixed media. Olba is a small size for easier handling. For a cheaper alternative our Dow Corning silicon adhesives may be used but they are smelly. For floors, heavy traffic or weight bearing mosaics choose the white Parabond 600 which is NOT flexible and will prevent your mosaic moving and cracking. Parabond 600 is best for stepping stones, fish ponds, mosaic rugs and grave monuments.
  3. Powdered Cementitious Adhesives (thinset): Adesilex P10 (download data sheet) from Mapei is recommended for larger glass and ceramic mosaic projects indoors and outdoors. Combine with Isolastic (download data sheet) for wet areas such as bathrooms or swimming pools or if greater flexibility is required (heating and cooling of a surface results in expansion and contraction). This is a chemical bond and is slow setting for extended open time for working. Recommended for floors with heating elements. If a quicker drying time is suitable please choose Keraquik it performs the same functions as Adesilex but has a reduced open time and can be grouted over in just 3 hours. Perfect for small renovations or weather sensitive installations. To improve flexibility add Latex Plus.
  4. Ultramastic Tile Paste (download data sheet) from Mapei. Pre-mixed ready to use g for inside or outside. Best for ceramic or mixed media projects. Do not use on floors as it is not flexible. Quick and easy for walls and garden prejects. Cleans up with water. Dries hard and inflexible.
  5. The best glue that we have ever found for wet areas, bathrooms, patios, commercial kitchens, driveways and high traffic areas is Keralastic. This 2 component glue is a miracle. Tile over problem, extreme problem, loads of foot traffic no, stone, does not matter this adhesive sticks them all. I tiled a pool 30 years ago and not one tile has ever come loose in all that time...Yes its pricey but quality costs.

To prime surfaces please chose: Eco Prim for non porouse surfaces (such as tile over tile) and Primer G for porous surfaces such as plasterboard or cement.

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