Irregular Stone

A collection of natural stone that is irregular in shape and size but even in thickness. These pieces are then tumbled with sand to give a softer worn and natural appearance. The sizes range for 2-6cm and 8mm thickness. Natural stone is porous and must be sealed to reveal its true colour and so that it is not stained during the grouting process. It can be cut with a hammer and hardie, a chisel and hammer or with tools meant for cutting porcelain. This will give irregular cuts with sharp edges. For more precise finishes and fits use a glass grinder to smooth and straighten the cut edges.
Irregular: Calacatta White
Availability: 22
Irregular: Jiangyou Beige
Availability: 25
Irregular: Nero Marquina
Availability: 23
Irregular: Verde Alpi
Availability: 18
Irregular: Overlord Flower
Availability: 9
Irregular: Lunan Travertine
Availability: 21
Irregular: Emerald Green
Availability: 23
Irregular: Yellow Gold
Availability: 9
Irregular: Giallo Copper
Availability: 8
Irregular: Rojo Alicante
Availability: 7
Irregular: Orange Red
Availability: 9
Irregular: Hibiscus Pink
Availability: 9
Irregular: Linpi Blue
Availability: 24
Irregular: Peach red
Availability: 25

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